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Divergent (2014) BRRip


In a futuristic dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions: Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful, Candor the honest, Dauntless the brave, and Erudite the intelligent. Members join a faction based on their choice but are given a suggestion by an aptitude test. Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) has grown up in Abnegation, the faction that runs the government, yet has always been fascinated by Dauntless. Her father, Andrew (Tony Goldwyn), serves on the ruling council along with the head of Abnegation, Marcus Eaton (Ray Stevenson).

Each year, 16-year olds undergo a serum-based aptitude test that indicates the faction into which they would best fit, and informs their choice at the Choosing Ceremony. Beatrice takes the test with a Dauntless woman named Tori (Maggie Q) as her proctor. Her test shows attributes of several factions (Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless), meaning she is Divergent. Tori records her result as Abnegation and warns her to keep the true result secret, telling her that since Divergents can think independently and the government therefore cannot control them, they are considered threats to the social order.

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Oculus (2013) BRRip


Eleven years ago, software engineer Alan Russell moves into a new house with his wife Marie, 10-year-old son Tim, and 13-year-old daughter Kaylie. Alan purchases an antique mirror to decorate his office. The mirror induces hallucinations in both adults; Marie is haunted by visions of her own body putrefying and decaying while she is still alive, while Alan is seduced by a ghostly woman named Marisol, who has mirrors in place of eyes.

Over time, the parents become detached and psychotic, with Alan isolating himself in his office and Marie becoming withdrawn and paranoid; during the same period, all of the plants in the house die and the family dog disappears after being locked in the office with the mirror. After Kaylie witnesses Alan interacting with Marisol and tells her mother, Marie becomes feral and, after a period of starving herself, attempts to murder the children. Alan overpowers her and chains her to their bedroom wall.

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Spud 2: The Madness Continues (2013) BRRip

Spud 2: The Madness Continues

The year is 1991, and Spud Milton's long walk to manhood is still creeping along at an unnervingly slow pace. Approaching the ripe old age of fifteen and still no signs of the much anticipated ball-drop, Spud is coming to terms with the fact that he may well be a freak of nature. With a mother hell-bent on emigrating, a father making a killing out of selling homemade moonshine, and a demented grandmother called Wombat, the new year seems to offer little except extreme embarrassment and more mortifying Milton madness. But Spud is returning to a boarding school where he is no longer the youngest or the smallest.

His dormitory mates, known as the Crazy Eight, have an unusual new member and his house has a new clutch of first years (the Normal Seven). If Spud thinks his second year will be a breeze, however, he is seriously mistaken. He is soon beset with women trouble, coerced into misguided late-night adventures, and funds his dreams of a famous career on the stage in tatters after landing the part of the Dove of Peace in a disastrous house play production of Noah's Ark. To top it all off, boarding master Sparerib and his prefects Death breath and Earthworm are concocting an almighty plan to get Spud and the Crazy 8 expelled! Hilarious, bitter-sweet, tragic and real, join Spud as he takes another tentative step forward while all around him the madness continues.

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That Awkward Moment (2014) BRRip

That Awkward Moment

Jason (Zac Efron) is sitting on a bench in New York City waiting for someone to arrive. A voiceover explains that he has been waiting for a long time, but to explain why, he needs to go back to the beginning. Jason begins by telling the audience that every relationship reaches the "So…" moment, where someone in the relationship will want to take the relationship to a more serious place. At that point, Jason knows the relationship is over, as he is not ready to start dating. Jason is currently working with his best friend Daniel (Miles Teller) at a publishing house designing book covers.

Their friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordan), a young doctor who has been married to Vera (Jessica Lucas) since the end of college, comes to them after Vera requests a divorce. The three decide to go out to a bar and celebrate being single. The group meets up with Daniel's female wingman, Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), as they try to get Mikey's mind off of his wife. Mikey meets a girl with glasses (Kate Simses), while Jason meets Ellie (Imogen Poots), and hits it off with her after teasing another man that was trying to buy her a drink. Mikey gets the girl's number, but decides not to call, resolving to work it out with his wife. Jason sleeps with Ellie, but escapes her apartment when he discovers circumstantial evidence that she may be a prostitute.

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Behaving Badly (2014) BRRip

Behaving Badly

In this fast-paced, outrageously funny, all-star romp, socially awkward high schooler Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of the girl of his dreams ... and he does mean anything. But love's a bitch! Particularly when your sights are set on the most beautiful and popular girl at school (teen queen and pop superstar Selena Gomez).

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The Zero Theorem (2013) BRRip

The Zero Theorem

Qohen Leth is an eccentric and reclusive computer genius who lives in an Orwellian corporate world and suffers from existential angst. He waits for a phone call explaining the meaning of life. Under the instruction of a shadowy figure known only as "Management", Qohen works to solve the "Zero Theorem", a mathematical formula derived from Big Crunch theory. The fate of the universe as a black hole singularity is purported to show that life has no purpose. Qohen's work in the burnt-out chapel that serves as his home is interrupted by visits from Bainsley, a seductive woman, and Bob, the teenage son of Management.

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Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor (2013) BRRip

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor

Thousands of aliens orbit an unknown planet, from which a message no one can translate is continually being broadcast across time and space. With the assistance of a modified Cyberman head nicknamed "Handles," which he uses as a personal assistant, the Doctor visits two ships, before leaving to Earth to pick up Clara and briefly meeting her family. On returning, Handles identifies the planet as Gallifrey, a statement the Doctor vehemently rejects. The Doctor and Clara are invited on board the Church of the Papal Mainframe, a space church headed by Mother Superious Tasha Lem, an old acquaintance of the Doctor. The Church has secured the planet with a force field. Tasha asks if the Doctor wishes to be the first to explore the cause of the message.

On arriving on the planet, the Doctor and Clara are attacked by Weeping Angels hiding in the snow of a frozen forest, but using the key under his wig, the Doctor materializes the TARDIS around them. Using the TARDIS, the Doctor and Clara find a town called Christmas, surrounded by a truth field, preventing anyone from lying. The message's origin is quickly identified as a crack in reality in the church tower; this crack is "scar tissue" from the cracks originally closed when the Doctor rebooted the universe ("The Big Bang"). Handles identifies the language of the message as Gallifreyan and with the Doctor's help, translates the message as a question: "Doctor who?" (the 'first question' in "The Wedding of River Song"), repeating endlessly.

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A Night in Old Mexico (2013) BRRip

A Night in Old Mexico

Forced to give up his land and his only home, cantankerous Texas rancher Red Bovie isn't about to go quietly to the dismal trailer park that's all he can now afford, and instead goes off with his grandson Gally (son of his long-estranged son Jimmy) for a road trip to Old Mexico.

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The Face of Love (2013) BRRip

The Face of Love

Nikki (Bening) is a recent widow who has lost her late husband Garret (Ed Harris) and has not yet gotten over it. Deciding on an alone life, she suddenly meets Tom, a man who teaches and who looks just like her husband (also played by Harris). Certain that there may be a love connection, she looks him up and starts a relationship with him. Later, one question comes up: does she really love Tom or the image of the man he looks like?

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I'll Follow You Down (2013) BRRip

I'll Follow You Down

An accomplished physicist mysteriously disappears on a business trip. Abandoned, his wife and son struggle to cope. Years later, now a young scientist himself, Erol uncovers papers, formulas, a machine, and a mind-bending possibility. But time travel is impossible. Isn't it? Erol's obsession to find his father and restore his family will throw him into the unknown and possibly threaten his life. What would you do to repair the past?

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The Other Woman (2014) BRRip

The Other Woman

Carly (Cameron Diaz) has just started a relationship with Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a man she hooked up with eight weeks prior. She is upset when Mark suddenly tells her he has to go out of town, but decides to go over to his house per advice from her father Frank (Don Johnson). Intending to seduce him while wearing a sexy outfit, she is horrified to meet Kate (Leslie Mann), who introduces herself as Mark's wife. Despite the problems, the two women end up bonding and forming an unlikely friendship. When Kate discovers that Mark is still seeing someone on the side, she initially believes that it is Carly but she and Carly eventually discover that Mark is seeing a third woman, a beautiful young woman named Amber (Kate Upton).

Carly and Kate travel to the beach, where Kate has a run in with Amber and the two women inform her that Mark has been cheating on all of them. They decide to take revenge by doing things such as spiking his smoothies with estrogen and giving him breasts, as well as putting hair removal cream in his shampoo. Through their pranks, they discover that Mark has been embezzling from various companies at his workplace and Carly begins to connect romantically with Kate's brother Phil (Taylor Kinney). In addition, Amber confesses to Carly that she is seeing someone else as well. However, their camaraderie begins to shatter when Kate finds herself falling for Mark again after an investor's dinner and is upset when Carly exposes his fraud and offers to prove he didn't change and ask Mark if he wants to hang out.

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The Fifth Estate (2013) BRRip 1080p

The Fifth Estate

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